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iAtkos on Gateway M6827


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Here's how I was able to get an almost flawless SL 10.6.5 system running on a Gateway M6827 laptop. Well so much for that idea. Newbie's are not allowed to upload Word files. I'll try to cut and paste. If that doesn't work and anyone's interested, leave me a private message.


Working Gateway M-6827 Laptop running 10.6.5

You should know I’m a total novice who just got lucky and wanted to share.

Things not yet fixed are: Sleep works automatically, but not on demand. Used SleepEnabler 10.6.4.

Shut Down doesn’t turn machine off; goes to Gateway splash screen and starts re-boot.

Restart does the same as Shut Down. Sometimes it has to boot twice.

IOUSBMassStorage fails to load. (Can’t tell what difference it makes.

Annoyances - Some other things don’t load in –x, but it goes too fast for me to jot down. On occasion get a lot of “can’t ….” on Shutdown.


Any suggestions on these will be appreciated.


Processor Intel Core 2 Duo T5750

Chipset Intel GM965

Memory 3G 667 MHz DDR2

Video Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100

Wireless Replaced Intel 3945 with Broadcom BCM4311KFBG

Could never get 3945 fixes to work. Broadcom was immediately recognized.

Used iAtkos_S3_v2 with the following customizations:

Boot Loader – Chameleon v2 RC5 (uncheck all others)

Boot Loader Options – 32 Bit Boot

Graphics Enabler

USB – usb fix

Patches – Uncheck Extra Directory



RTC – Use first one

Sleep Enabler


Modified Kernels - qpooz 10.3.0

Main Hardware - SATA/IDE – Intel SATA/IDE

Uncheck Sound (It won’t work with this checked. I later loaded Voodoo HDA kext after removing AppleHDA and HAD Enabler.

Used Voodoo PS/2 only

Used CPU Power Management - Voodoo P-State

Used Laptop Hardware - Battery

Uncheck VGA

Network - Wireless - Broadcom

Wired - Marvell Yukon 88E8001

Anything else, left as is.


Update to 10.6.4 -- Go to Apple website and download 10.6.4 Combo and install. Had to install 6.4 prior to installing 6.5.


Update 10.6.5 will knock out the USBs. To fix - Prior to installing 10.6.5, delete/remove IOUSBFamily kext from S/L/E. Go to the Apple website and download 10.6.5 (Not the Combo) and install. Now open the application Kext Helper b7 and re-install IOUSBFamily kext.


NOTE: Kext Helper b7 will not quit. I had to use Force Quit. Kext Utility works much better for me; don’t open Kext Utility, just drag a kext to the application and follow the instructions.


Now run Disk Utility, restart, and you should have a working Hackintosh.


NOTE: I used Migration Assistant to move my applications and user accounts to the Hackintosh without a hitch.


NOTE: I’m dual-booting Windows 7 Pro, but that’s another story.


Hope this helps someone else.



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