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Compiled 10.5.8 combo Update Guide for Toshiba a135-s4527


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Hello, the name's Zander. This is a guide I've put together from a combination of Trail and error, research, as well as posts on this forum and also from the OSx86 wiki. I'm not trying to take credit from anyone, as many have already posted successful installs of 10.5.6 on the Toshiba a135-s4524, however; none that i found gave too much of a 1-2-3 guide. Also since the newer iTunes and Safari require it, i figured it might be a nice idea to get out there ^^


Throughout this guide only boot with the -f Flag in your boot loader (once installing updates has started). Do NOT use -v flag at all otherwise the system (at least for me) will require it from that point on. I don't pretend to understand why, I just know it happened to be twice. :P


List guide of what works after the fact:

Everything but sleep and front sound jacks(this includes USB webcam & Headset)


///--------------Step 1----------------///

What you need to do 'before' you update:

"Download and install OSx86 Tools" - can't stress this enough, this is your life saver!

You will also need Pacifist for pkg extraction of an apple update (explained later).

Using OSx86, backup your Extensions folder.

- System\Library\Extensions


Secondly, backup or download specifically these Kext files as these will work 'after' the update but in most cases you have to reinstall them by either repairing permissions, or using your iPC disc and installing on top just the kext installers. Specifically

Kernal - 9.4.0 StageXNU Universal Kernel

Video - Intel GMA950

Audio - Azaliaaudio (this will not work and will error but i'll explain that later)

Nic - Realtek r1000

Wireless - Atheros (it works but you don't see networks, will explain this also)

USB - Patched Generic USB Drivers

Battery - PowerManagement Package


- Fixes/Patches


Shutdown/Restart Fix

PS/2 Keyboard




Perform the combo update via the auto updater. While it's downloading run OSxTools, and leave it running. After the update is done and asks to restart it's done, DO NOT hit restart.


Click over to OSx86 Tools, and check the boxes for "Repair Permissions, Set Extensions Permissions, & Clear Extensions Cashe" and click Run Selected Tasks. You'll have to enter your password, and wait a few seconds up to 2 mins. It will ask you to reboot.


Reboot and let the Update Install.


Now, I personally use Darwin5.0.132 as my boot loader and have not experimented with the others, as this is what i know that works. So if you have an alternative that's fine, but i can't confirm the process.


On reboot, hit any key during your boot and make sure to flag -f to force boot (no need for -v).


Your OS should error and come up and freeze at the apple logo (a min or two in) and tell you a problem has occurred. This is fine (happened to me every time)


Place in your iPC disc or your method of installing your kexts over the OS, and boot to it.


perform a custom install of 'only' the video, nic, ps2 keyboard, chipset.


Let those install, and reboot the computer, using again the -f for force booting on next boot.


This time you should boot back in the OS, however! no sound, or wireless... all other functions should be working correctly at this point.


////------------------Step 3-----------------/////

Getting the Wireless and Sound working again.


First you'll notice if you try to move your volume, the OS will act like it's muted and no sound, again this is normal at this point.

Double check under System Preferences > Sound and make sure there nothing listed in Output

if not, good. You can follow the link to download azaliaaudio fix, which was posted by yonib.


After this PKG runs your sound should come back after a reboot with a -f flag.



WIFI: -fun.


Download over at the apple website the AirPort Client Update 2009-001 update. Even if you try to install this, it will flag that the system does not support this update. So we have to extract the kext file and manually install it.


Use Pacifist (created by Charles Srstka), and load the pkg file. Navigate to the IO80211Family.Kext and just drag this to your desktop.


Close Pacifist, and Open OSx86 Tools and use the Install Kext to install. This will take at most 5 seconds then prompt to reboot.


Reboot and on boot (again using -f flag for forcing) you should get your wireless back working.





If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them below or just welcoming. If I'm able to edit this I will later and not at 6am ^^; (i just finished the 4th run of doing this to make sure it was consistent)


forgive me for any typo's or misgivings ^^; but I hope this helps any who have the same laptop as myself.


Next trying to get 10.6.x on it ^^;


If any would rather a guide on installing as well, I will post one as well ^^; Again sorry to mods for this being in newbies area, but It would let me create a post over in the Installation forums :P








I know this doesn't really apply but I use a Micro Innovations USB Webcam (rather old) CM10401. I've seen others talk about this webcam, I got it working useing the macam installer (free), it gives a bright kind of washed out look. I installed iGlasses also (trial) and was able to alter the settings to where it's usable in skype and yahoo. :) so just throwing that out there so it's on the interwebs ^^

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