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Best Torrent Client for OS X

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I use Transmission



It is amazingly featured for being so light weight, unfortunately the final release is buggy so I linked to the nightly builds which I have much more luck with (funny isn't it?). I suggest whatever you decide that you STAY CLEAR of that performance hog known as Azereus!


I agree - it is fast and compact. Trouble with it is - and this may not apply to other people - if your ISP uses traffic shaping, then transmission will slow to a crawl when they have shaping turned on - usually during the day. At the time of writing, it doesn't have encryption built in to it (encryption prevents the ISP from identifying the traffic) and thats why I don't use it any more. The resource-warthog azureus does have this built in, but of course it want alls the resources available. Catch 22.


Here's what I do - YMMV - I run bitcomet 0.7 in a parallels VM. Bitcomet has the encryption sorted, and is ok. It might seem overkill to run windows in a vm just to run a bt client, but it works better than azureus!



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Transmission is known to give you a negative peer to seed ratio, which causes you to be banned from certain trackers. Since it's in the beta stage, it tends to crash sometimes during downloads. I once had a 2 hour movie at 96%, Transmission decided to quit unexpectely, and an error in the torrent caused it to roll back to 3%.


Use Azureus.

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