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nvida geforce 9500m gs finally i have quartz extreme but?


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i searched a long time and i install efi string xdarwin all of the drivers i tried but it doesnt worked for me and i find an information i dont know where i find but it was saying that only install nvenabler so i reformatted and a clean install i chose chamelon bootloader rc4 and only nvenabler.when the installatition completed it doesnt worked.The screen was shaking white and black and restarting.Then i selected boot ignore chaches option and snow leopard started.i checked the information bar about graphics it is successfully identified.And i checked the front row it is working very fast.Finally i have quartz extreme.But my problem is how i will fix this boot ignore situation.everytime will i select boot ignore caches option.I am afraiding of this if it doesnt open one time.is it harmfull.thank you

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