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Datacask/Fukato Jupiter 1014a (Atom N270/GMA950)

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i'm from germany and my english is not so good, but almost no one in the german forum helps me.


i'm a complete noob in mac os but i have good basics in windows for a long time.


for my netbook model, there is unfortunately no tutorial, but it consists of standard hardware.

(see attachment)


i have installed iATKOS by a special way: iATKOS won't no boot on my netbook. i'm booted it with nawcom mod and start the iATKOS installation with this boot cd.

then i make a update to 10.6.5

then i tried various tools and kexts to bring the hardware to run.


the current status:

the graphics works fine including acceleration. this was a hard work.

sound works restricted - somhow only one chanel.

network (internet and windows pc-connection) works with w-lan-stick.


but there are several other problems.


USB works only to a limited: mouse, keyboard, w-lan-stick are detected, but no dvd-drive and memory-stick.

but these were previously detected ever.

i do not remember what i changed.


when the screen goes blank (standby), and wakes up again, i can only move the mouse, but nothing happens.

then i must reset the computer.

but this has to an earlier time ever works. again, i do not know what i changed.


please tell me what i need and what i must do to change so that everything works.

the dsdt in the attachment is a little bit edited for gma950, but I do not know if I'd done everything right.


i have read a lot and a lot more kexts downloaded, but now my head aches. and i have not accomplished much.

sorry again for my "google-english" ;)


thanks in advance!


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