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Trouble getting 1900x1200 resolution


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I just recently bought a 23" apple display and i wanted to get the 1900x1200 working with my hacked osx 10.4.3. I have an ati, 9800pro video card. Originally i had a dell 17" FP monitor connected displaying 1280x1024 and all was working fine.


To get the 1280x1024 working i had to change the boot options as explained here: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...he_boot_options


So i had 1280x1024 resolution working fine. I went back into the com.apple.Boot.plist file and tried to change it to 1900x1200 but when i went to save it wouldnt let me save the changes. So i followed that same article about chaning the boot options and opened the text editor and made the changes there. Then i went back to com.apple.Boot.plist to see that the changes were made and they were.


Next i correctly hooked up and made sure that all of my cables for the 23" were connected properly. I restarted with the monitor hooked up but all i got was random vertical lines of red,l green, blue and then various other colors across the screen.


I unplugged the 23" dvi cable and plugged the dell 17" back in and 1280x1024 resolution was displayed perfectly fine on the dell monitor. I navigated back to com.apple.Boot.plist and the 1900x1200 changes were still there even though i was currently using 1280x1024 resolution the the dell monitor.


I dont know what is wrong. Any ideas?? Please help me!!!!

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