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quad booting Lenovo Y550P


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New here, been searching this forum for days reading up on things, PMed a few people that have helped me out, but I'm still stuck on a few things.


I've got a Lenovo Y550P laptop, that I'm trying to quad boot with XP(x64), win7 (x64), osx 10.6, and ubuntu.


Well, this is the steps I'm taking so far, and I'm not getting good results :(


Start off by formatting the (single) 500gb drive into 4 partitions using the osx disk utility. GUID partition table. I partition in the following order:


(efi ~200mb partition gets created by default)

1: xp - fat32 (ill format this ntfs from windows installer)

2: win7 - fat32 (ill format this ntfs from windows installer)

3: osx - hfs+

4: ubuntu hfs+ (ill format it ext3 when i go to install ubuntu)



ive tried installing OSX first, then XP, and ive tried installing XP first, both with no luck.


no matter WHAT i do, XP always will format, copy files, then when it restarts before starting the installation part of the XP setup, when trying to reboot, i get an error "windows could not start becuase the following file is missing or corrupt: <windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe



from what i've read, its because the boot loader is pointing to the wrong partition on my drive and cant boot xp. ive tried rebuilding the boot loader, adding a new entry to it through recovery console (bootcfg command) all with no go. i can install win7 after that, itll boot into 7, and i tried messing around in EasyBCD, no go.


i tried grabbing the file off the xp disc and inatlling it (through cmd on recovery console) ... no go.



what am i missing? once i can get past this XP install, i think the rest will be easy.

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