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need some clarification about 64 bit

Noam AA

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i was posting before about it, but sill i cant understand it.

i have almost successful installation of SL 10.6.5. but the thing is, i have to boot in 32 bit mod for my PCI RME card.

the early time of my installation i was running with pc-efi 10.5 and my boot flag was -x32

then i moved to chemeleon rc5 and now my boot flag is arch=i386.

now my card is working in a 32 bit mode, however, it seems even when i'm booting in a 32 bit mode all the native programs are able to load on a native 64 bit mod (i can see it in the activity monitor), and i am even able to load logic 9 with a 64 bit mod, now as much as happy as i am being able to lunch apps with a 64 bit mod, i am still curios about some thing like, how can it be that the logic 64 bit have a full connection with my RME 32 bit driver? and if someone can clarify me how i can run things in a 64 bit mode when im booting in a 32 bit mod ( as said above, boot flag arch=i386)


its not that it's bug me, i'm just curios how it could be


oh and my specs if someone want to know




8400 GS

RME 9632 PCI

PowerCore MK2 PCI


thanks to anyone who can help me understand it :)

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