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Sound oddity


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The DVD install had no sound working. This is the install based release 1 of the DVD patcher. The AppleAC97Audio.kext was moved from the iso into the /System/Library/Extensions folder via the terminal using sudo for the commands. I did the root:wheel thing and then rebooted the machine.



YAY there is sound. BUT heres the weird part. In the System Profiler there was no Audio device showing up. Which is fine by me as it is a minor issue. But just thought it is something people should know for reference.


In addition All Logitech USB headsets seem to work fine on intel boards from the testing observed. At the moment tho I got the onboard sound to work following the methods in this forum. So dont ask just use the search tool. Audio AC97 should be your search and you will quickly find an answer to your question

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