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Dell D630 with Intel graphics..


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No one?


Use any of the install guides for D630 available online applicable for your situation and use the kexts pack from http://osx86.co/f57/dell-d620-630-830-kext-pack-t3840/


Install 10.6 from original DVD or dmg image and you can easily update to 10.6.5 with little bit of work arounds.


Visit below place, which is a great guide.


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Thanks for the link... I am having trouble getting a working Snow Leopard install.. the display is all garbled before I can get to the setup screen. I have also tried an external monitor but the same issue.


What boot disc would you recommend?



I've had the same issue on my first install. I tired many BLs, but the one finally worked was D620SLV1.iso

Use this http://www.mediafire.com/?j50eznjjyyz as a starter.

Remember to add -x (safe mode) at the Chameleon boot screen during the first install or at least till you get the DSDT patch working for Intel X3100 vanilla


Once you get a working SL install, then I suggest you use http://osx86.co/f57/dell-d620-630-830-kext-pack-t3840/ pack and do some fine tuning of your dsdt to get it perfectly working with minimal custom kexts.

Intel Graphics Fix, HPET fix, USB fix, etc.


Finally, I made my own bootable USB installation pack following the detail guide at



I have only below kexts under /Extra/Extensions in my Preboot.dmg









Rest all vanilla kexts in S/L/E and no kexts on /E/E

Once you get your dsdt fixed, you can remove SleepEnabler, NullCPUPowerManagement kexts.


I have a 99% working system (with 10.6.5 Combo update). You'll loose sound once you update either to 10.6.4 or 10.6.5. To fix this, just replace the AppleHDA.kext with the one originally comes with 10.6.0 retail dvd after updating to latest version.



Intel X3100 vanilla kexts works in 32-bit mode. So, you must use that arch=x86 at Chameleon boot or use that in com.apple.Boot.plist file


Importan Note: Use Retail version of SL 10.6 for a clean installation, not any other...


Have fun... :)

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search for leppy700m's boot disc

follow his instructions to install retail Snow

reboot using leppy's disc (using -v -x)

download slic's extension pack and immediatly install on first boot



the post above yours has the links for the files you need

i'm brand new and i've done it like this 4 times today, works like a charm

updating is a whole nother matter

(it's why i've done it 4 times today)

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