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Mihai Popescu

install hackintosh on HANNspree SN12E22

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Hi guys,


I'm new to this hackintosh world, even tough i'm not new to the Aplle world (i own an iPhone and have Snow Leopard emulated in a VmWare image).


I want to buy this piece of hardware here or here and i would wish to know if it's there any way that i could install Hackintosh on it, and better yet, if all my components (or which ones exactly) would word.


Thank you for your time and answers!



Here are the main specs:



Manufacturer: Intel

CPU family: Pentium Dual-Core

Model: SU4100

Cores per processor: 2

Operating frequency: 1.3 GHz

L2 Cache: 2.0 MB

CPU architecture: 64-bit

Manufacturing technology: 45 nm

Chipset model: GS45 + ICH9M-SFF

RAM Memory: 2 GB DDR2-800

Graphics : Integrated Intel

Model: GMA4500MHD

Wi-Fi: Yes (802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n)

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Hello Mihai [salut, imi dau seama ca esti din Romania ;) ]

Installing Mac OS X Snow Leopard [and updating to latest 10.6.6] it shouldn't be so hard, at least just looking at it working, not fully functional...

Two ways of installing on this machine as I can figure out:

1. using a Alienware M11x tutorial [because Hannspree has the same configuration minus the dedicated video]-using NetbookInstaller

2. using the classic hackintosh distribution, and doing some kextstat to see what kexts are need from the one installed for slipstreaming the install


problems I can think of:

the touchpad - this is no synaptics, this is Sentelic Finger Sensing Pad -solution found!

atheros wireless, lan and bluetooth as well [if you have wireless working, is ok... I think] -most of them found!

sleep working

vga/hdmi output


I have exams until lately february so I can't begin porting Mac OS to this machine, no time.

I am also interested in a triple boot on this machine because is quite powerfull [i also use overclock with SetFSB from FSB 200Mhz=>250Mhz] and I don't just want it to work, I want to be optimized and load just and exactly was is needed

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    • i think the "red light" you are referring to is that you have a optical SPDIF output (3.5 mm) combo jack. it most likely will be "red" when audio is active. 
    • Domanda , ma il tuo configplist lo ha settato cosi Gengik????
      Noto molte cose atipiche , tipo aperto con Clover configurator nella sezione ACPI il nome DSDT.aml NON è selezionato , quindi in teoria NON dovrebbe caricare il DSDT che hai in Clover ACPI Patch , se usi SSDT x la CPU NON dovrebbero servirti quelle personalizzazioni sempre in configplist sezione CPU ...
      Secondo me dovresti partire da un configplist pulito , xche sempre secondo me c'è rimasto delle schifezze di qualche tool x installare facile    EDIT
      Scaricando il configplist di jolly NOTO ha impostato +o- come intendevo fare io , sistemando quello  sopra elencato e bammmmm NON avvia , mi forniresti x favore Hack info che trovi nella mia firma ???
    •   Can you share the Clover folder that lets you boot?
    • yes it is. i can boot using a backup from a backup of my clover. i am just trying to fix the VGA /HDMI so i tried using the clover i got from Allan
    •     I mean't to fix that. The new attached EFI only contains new USB patch that will unlikely fix anything unless your hackintosh is installed on a USB drive. If it is installed on your hard drive, as I said, try playing with the patches I attached in the screenshot (i.e. disabling some of them).   Your SATA Mode is AHCI in the BIOS right?