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is it worth the powerful video card?


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Hi, I just got my osx to work with my ASUS P6X58D-Premium. I got my EVGA GTX 580 but had it RMA because it was defective. So, I purchased a GTX 460 before I decided to try osx. I installed tonymac's nvidia drivers. I got it to work with my GTX 460 but then it freezes at random times. So, I thought it was the 460 that was unsupported. When I looked at the System Profiler, it shows unknown Chipset model and 0mb VRAM. So, I bought a used 8400gs and when I plugged it in, it booted fine and the system profiler recognizes it fine too. I'm running it now for 4 hrs straight of operation and no freezes.


my questions are,


When my gtx 580 returns, I'll be using it on my current p6x58d for gaming in windows and I would like to build a new osx-only rig. Is it worth to stay with the gtx 460 for my OSX rig?


Where can I use the extra power of the 460 in the OSX environment? I don't do adobe premiere or other video encoding but I would like to try aperture early next year.


If I would stay with the 8400gs, can it handle imovie if I would use it occasionally like once a month?



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Lol, sounds like you've been buying a lot of video cards.


I'm guessing with some messing around you'll be able to get the proper drivers for your 460. However, I would recommend looking at an ATI 5870 as it is around the same price and is what Apple uses in Mac Pros...aka lots of compatibility.

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