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[Leopard 10.5.8] GTX260 + Geforce 6 together?


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Hello everybody, :(


I have a EP45-DS3R with Leopard 10.5.8 and currently, only a GTX260 (Gainward 896MB) but fully functionnal since more than one year now (thanks to the EVGA driver found on the Netkas site, here).

But now, I want to use in addition, a Geforce 6 series graphic card (don't know exactly the reference, nothing on the card and no package given) that my brother gave me recently.


So, with the EVGA driver, no problem for a GTX260 alone.

With the NVInject or NVKush driver, probably OK with the Geforce 6 alone. (not tested but 99% sure)

But how to manage the two drivers together?

=> If I start my system with the 2 graphic cards and use only the EVGA driver (without changing anything so), I don't have a "kernel panic" error message but the system freezes when he tries to launch the X server (graphics server).


I see that ATY_Init can maybe allows dual NVidia graphic cards but how to keep the use of the EVGA driver (which is good, stable, optimized, etc.)?


Currently using two screens on my GTX260 (one VGA + one HDMI on the DVI port with an adaptator).

And want to use in addition two VGA screens on the Geforce 6 series graphic card (with a DVI to VGA adaptator on the DVI port of course).

So 4 screens in total.


Is it possible? :D

Do I need to change some EFI strings?

I found this good tutorial (for Snow Leopard but probably OK on Leopard too) but can't understand how to manage all of that while maintening my EVGA driver (or at least, a driver really optimized for my GTX260).

And if a solution exists, is this solution flexible if changing later to a (more than probably) GT240 512MB or eventually 8400 GS?


Thank you all in advance for all your answers!


Nico. :D

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