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Hey first time builder need some info on pro tools le 8

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I am building my first hackintosh and here are the specs i have decided on



core 2 quad q8400 2.66ghz(will upgrade to a faster core 2 quad later)

mushkin enhanced silverline 2gb(2 x 1gb)

geforce 8400gs (for daul screens)


i know snow leopard only takes up 1gb of ram


i was wondering if the next time somebody starts they're mac or hackintosh they could only start up pro tools and put up a screenshot of the memory usage so i can see how much ram i need im just talking about the pro tools software no plugins or any of that

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That's Pro Tools 9 running on Snow Leopard.


I have a MacBook Pro Core Duo model, 2.16Ghz, 2GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive and it's the 15" model.


That's Activity Monitor showing my usage, mind you, I have other apps running in the background. Obviously, my Mac isn't exactly powerful, but PT9 runs fine. PT8 LE should give you no problems at all.


I would suggest opting for a Core 2 Quad 9xxx series if you can find/afford one, so you don't have to upgrade again later, it's worth every penny.


2GB of RAM will work, 3+ is better. Below 2GB is cutting too close to having problems even on a Mac.

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