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Gringo Vermelho

Another private message

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Sometimes I get PMs from Brazilians written in Portuguese.

After 5 years in Brazil my Portuguese is okay, but in writing - not working muito bem... ;)


This one asked me something like "What's the difference between a MacPro3,1 and a MacPro4,1", in relation to (I think?) Nvidia video card power management. Which is far too complicated a subject for me to get into in Portuguese. I don't have the words.


I politely told him this:


"I don't speak or write Portuguese very well, I will not be able to help you. You'd better find a native Portuguese speaker. Apart from that, I don't do any kind of "tech support", not even in English, via Private Message. Good Luck".


Yes - using Private Messages to help someone makes me feel like I'm wasting resources. It makes me feel like I'm that persons private 24-hour helpdesk.

When posting in the forum, I'm potentially helping several people at the same time, now and in the future, if someone uses the search they'll be able to find the discussion and, hopefully, solve their issues or find their answers just by reading.

And I don't have answers for everything - someone could join the thread and fill in the blanks, correct me if I'm wrong, come up with other ideas etc etc.


This is the reply I received:


Eu não falo/escreve Portugues muito bem, não vou consiguir te ajudar. Melhor procurar alguem nativo.


Fora disso, eu não faz nenhum tipo de "tech support", nem em ingles, atravez da "Private Message".


Boa sorte.


Gringo V.


Sorry to bother then, it`s just that is very strange that someone with a portuguese slang on the nickname (Gringo) and "from brazil" in the profile don`t speak portuguese ¬¬`


But u are not brazilian for sure, because if u were, u`ll help like a helpful brazilian, not {censored} me about "tech support". I asked u a question (one of the forum`s purpose i think) , i didn`t asked u to come by and fix my computer.


And i just asked in private message because the fermi topic is in english. I tried the portuguese forums, but no one have experience with fermi hackintoshes there, that`s why i thought that a brazilian in the fermi topic could be helpful.


I don`t know the reason why do u use Brazil in your profile, but try to learn something with us, be helpful, if u are here(in our country) i can tell for sure that u already realized how much we are.


Hahaha right, I'm not helpful? I have +1000 posts. My old profile has 3000 posts, several guides and even a couple of stickies.


I "use Brazil in my profile" because I live in Brazil.

Brazilians can be helpful, but they are also capable of being inconsiderate asshats like people from any other country.


"it`s just that is very strange that someone with a portuguese slang on the nickname (Gringo) and "from brazil" in the profile don`t speak portuguese"

As far as I know, "Gringo" is slang for "foreigner", I think even a caucasian foreigner. I don't think you'll find many native Portuguese (or Spanish) native speakers using a name like that.


"I asked u a question (one of the forum`s purpose i think)"

You asked me a question via PM. This is contrary to the forums purpose, since the discussion does not take place in the forum.


Today's lesson:


Please think twice before using the PM system, and before saying something like "nobody helps around here".

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