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Hp Dv4-1430 keyboard question


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Hello guys, I am new to OSX, but not the joys of trying to install operating systems on hardware that may or may not be what it was designed for.


I have been playing with a few different install DVD's, couldnt get 10.6.2 to run so I went with the ideneb 1.6 lite and was able to get 10.5.8 running with out to much trouble.


My current issue is the built in keyboard, I was able to get the track pad working and USB keyboards works, I just cant seem to figure out what I am doing wrong that the builtin keyboard wont work.


I know it should be able to, before I started this project I did some searches to verify others have been able to get it working just no one seems to have documented how.




Long story short I am stumped for the moment looking for ideas, if anyone has any questions that for me just let me know.



****just to update, the Fn keys to turn up and down brightness work, the track pad stopped working after I restarted the machine a few times. I have tried resetting permissions on the applePS2Controller.kext, I tried installing the IOUSBFamily.kext, still no luck.


and both the keyboard and trackpad work in the installer


oh, one last thing, I orginally tried the appleps2controller ktext when that didnt work I changed to the voodoo ps2/trackpad installer

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