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Problems booting iPC OSX86 on a Toshiba Satellite T115D-S1120

Hooza Buckin

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Hello people, im Hooza Buckin. I'm new to the forum, I have been experimenting for a few days trying to get OSX86 to boot in a Virtualbox machine on my Toshiba Satellite T115D-S1120. Installation seemed to run pretty smooth. Once the time came to reboot, it got through the "loading mach_kernel" phase then when it freezes halfway through trying to load "Extensions.mkext". Im determined to get this to work but im at a standstill. I have a pretty comprehensive knowledge of windows and a decent knowledge of Linux but i'm pretty ignorant when it comes to OSX so if anyone could explain my problem and a possible solution in English I would highly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!





- Hooza Buckin

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