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How to remove FakeSMC.kext? (Kernel Panic)

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I have OSX 10.6.4 iatkos Version 2 installed


I tried to install FakeSMC to monitor my 8800GS temperature from this tutorial:




I installed with Kext helper the following files






after installed FakeSMC my OSX got kernel panic and frozen with the message "You must restart..." at the Apple Logo Loading.


I've tried to use Single user mode boot (-s), but was unable to remove FakeSMC.kext. So I tried safemode (-x). I was able to get in and deleted FakeSMC.kext from /System/Library/Extensions/.


When try to boot normally I got hung at loading without any message. on Verbose mode I found it is hanging at:

"ACPI_SMC-PlatformPlugin::registerLPCDriver - failed to locate SMC driver"


Once again when I try to go to safemode (-x), it hung at blue screen before login logo.


How do I completely remove FakeSMC and its plugin and back to the way it was before?



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I don't get what you mean. I am trying to remove FakeSMC and its related extensions from my system.



are you using dsmos? or.. how is the encrypted files being decrypted on the fly


facesmc is not primarily for monitoring temp, it's for filesystem decryption, same as the old dsmos kext

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no worry. I just reinstalled the sucker back to 10.6.3 with iatkos s3 v2 and everything is working again.


I've read somewhere that I must remove FakeSMC.kext and IOPlatformFamily...kext, then reinstall IOPlatformFamily...kext. However, I couldn't find a link to download IOPlatformFamily and I've wasted 2 days to figure it out. It took me about an hour to reinstall from fresh with all kexts working. I am looking into backup for osx from now on. I've heard apple time machine is not that great comparing to windows backup but that is another issue.


Anyhow, thanks for your feedbacks


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