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Although the same discussion is going here in Italian, I've decided to open the same discussion here. Sorry if it is against the rules.


On October the 15th, this year (2010), Autodesk has released AutoCAD 2011 version for Mac. The last Mac version of the software to date, has been released 18 years ago (in June of 1992).

The trial version of AutoCAD 2011 Mac edition can be downloaded here (registration required).

System requirements


I use AutoCAD as a work tool (I do CAD for freelance). Therefore until recently was stuck with Windows (virtual machine is not an option when doing heavy 3D). Now there is a chance of a total migration to OS X (I don't think I'll remove Windows from my machine completely though - let it be there just in case :unsure: )!!!


I have not used it as a production tool yet - just started testing, so it is too early to make any definitive conclusions. My first overall impression is good (here and below I express my personal opinion).


It is very unusual to see AutoCAD interface in OS X style :( . It might take some time to get used to it (the version I use now is AutoCAD 2008). For now I don't have any complaints on how it was ported and how it works in OS X. It is the new interface and features of this particular version that bothers me. I'm quite old-fashioned then it comes to AutoCAD as I use it almost for a decade. Therefore each new version is a new challenge to face.


- (IMHO):

I don't like how the help function is implemented (though it is possible I don't know how it should be used in this version). It is useless IMHO.

The status bar is not resizeable - no good.

Very few options to change interface elements' colour (Layout background and so on).

Too simplified options dialogue window.


+ (IMHO):


Layout/Model switching

Floating command line

Minimum space used for icons and palettes.



Make sure that the correct macmodel or SMproductname value is set before installing. Also there should be full hardware video acceleration.

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minum required 3 gigabyte of ram and...

obviously a fast cpu where a large cache L2 or L3 is very useful!

Mine specs are:

2 Single core Xeons (Irwindale) 3.6MHz


8800 ultra VGA


Works for now. Though some further testing should definitely be done.

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There it is - the skeleton in the closet :) I've suspected some "hidden undocumented features" to exist. There you are - the official list what is not included in the Mac version (compared to Windows version of the product). What a great disappointment!


IMHO it is not as usable for hardcore pro usage, as Windows version, with such important features missing (just to name most important for me):

  • Express Tools
  • In-place editing of blocks or xrefs
  • ‘Classic’ dialogs for image, xref, and layers
  • OLE objects
  • Plot style configuration
  • Reference Manager
  • User Profiles
  • Most AutoLISP will work unless it includes Windows calls (using .NET) or uses DCL dialogs
  • No import or export of CUI customization
  • Materials cannot be edited or created and you can not adjust the way a material maps on an object [MATERIALMAP]

and so on...


Autodesk is selling this product for the same price they sell it for Windows. IHMO they are not 100% the same and the Mac version should be cheaper... Shame on you Autodesk :hysterical:


Luckily it is only a trial version :hysterical:

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Noticed some more missing feature:

  • No quick select
  • No keyboard shortcuts customization as such
  • No printing to PDF (OS X has a build-in PDF printer though), TIFF or Jpeg
  • No DXB printing

No good... Seems more like a not-yet-final release candidate then a ready-to-be-sold version IMHO.

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