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Kakewalk vanilla install kp's after software update


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I used the Kakewalk install method to install Snow Leopard. Bootdisc, swap to install disc, install then bootdisc and run the kakewalk package for an ep45-ds3p. System runs awesome and without problems except for if I try to update. From browsing other posts on here (yes, i used the searched function) it would appear I need to delete the sleepenabler.kext maybe? I do believe at one time I did update to 10.6.2 without any problems, but 10.6.3 and .4 both cause kernal panics.


So i come to the hackintosh geniuses asking for advice (and possibly step by step instructions) to get my G5 wannabe up to 10.6.4. Can you help?


Full System Specs

Intel Core2Duo 1.6ghz

Gigabyte EP35-DS3R

2Gb DDR2-800

250Gb Seagate SATA


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