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IDT 92HD75BX Partially Working!

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It seems a lot of people have working kexts for IDT 92HD7xx series fully working with Headphone and Auto switch, but not for 92HD75BX series. Most people also use VoodooHDA to make them work.


Currently, I use VoodooHDA with internal speakers working, headphone too but not Auto switch. Mics are seen but don't work also.


If Anyone has fully working kexts for this device, you can share it here. :D:rolleyes: Thanks!






>>>IDT High Definition Audio CODEC




>>>High Definition Audio Controller



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I too am in the same boat as you. Did you ever find a solution to your audio using vanilla applehda kext? I'm not trying to use voodoohda.

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It's been a long battle trying to find the fix for that audio codec until i reached out to my fellow friend insanelyDeepak and he came through for me.  Here's the kext for whomever might want it.  This is for IDT 92HD75BX and you have to use layout id 13 in clover configurator or (0D) under hdef inside your dsdt. I chose the DSDT route myself.  Sound is loud and crisp and mic works..


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