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Logicboard swap out from C2D to iX series on 15" Mid 2009 Macbook Pro

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I have a Macbook Pro MC118LL that I bought on February 12, 2010. Speculation then arose saying Apple would release iX series Macbook Pro's shortly next month. I didn't want to return my Macbook Pro because


1) I would have to pay the re-stocking fee, thus not having enough money for the new Macbook Pro's if I wanted to buy one

2) I didn't know if the rumors were true.


Well, Apple did in fact release i-series Macbook Pro's. After that, I was a little disappointed that the i-series Macbook Pro's significantly out-perform the C2D macbook pro.


Now I wanna know, is it possible to take a 15" i5 Macbook Pro logicboard and put it in my C2D macbook pro case? I've seen photos of both online and they look remarkably similar, but don't know if the form factor is any different.


Here's the MC118LL (C2D) logic board:



And here's the MC371LL (i5) Logic board:



They look pretty much the same. Can they be swapped out?

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