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OS X 10.6.2 kernel panic at startup

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I have just installed Hazard OS X 10.6.2. The installation went fine but it wouldn't boot up afterwards. I only managed to boot OS X after setting up dual boot with easybcd on Windows7. When I get to the white apple logo screen it freezes and i get a kernel panic. There is a photo of it. I have no idea what is causing this and i hoped someone could help me solve this.

My system specs are:

Motherboard: Asus a8ne-fm

Cpu: AMD Athlon 64, 2200 MHz (11 x 200) 3500+

2GB of RAM

Video: Nvidia GeForce 8400GS

Audio: Realtec ALC655 (probably)

OS X is on a 20GB partition and the same HDD as Winows7


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Would that be Hazard for AMD & Intel? EDIT must have been if you could boot the DVD!

What Kernel options were there?

What option did you pick?

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Ok so I just reinstalled OS X and the result is the same.I used these kexts:

MAC OS X 10.6.2 update combo

Legacy kernel 10.2.0





Quick Time

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The kernel panic is given by Dsmos.kext.


Use Fakesmc.kext, not Dsmos.kext


You don't need NVenabler.kext With snow leopard and Nvidia series 8, 9, gtsxxx, you need chameleon 2.0 => RC3 and this two strings in com.apple.Boot.plist:





Here there is the last chameleon pkg.

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A few questions:

Is Chameleon 2.0 he dual-boot something?

How do I add those 2 lines to com.apple.boot.plist?

Can I just reinstall with graphics enabler?

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Fakesmc gets installed in that distro already..just don't pick that "dsmos" option on install as it is an old dsmos kext (newer one will be installed if you choose nothing ) When installing,choose Graphics Enabler from the drivers list (ain't actually a driver/kext but adds those lines to your com.apple.boot.plist) :) Choose IOATAFamily fix and also SATA.. later you can get rid of that LegacyRTC kext by a DSDT patch and later maybe even dsmos (it's a legacy kernel,has kext blacklisting) After you've installed,you will have to patch the dyld library and maybe a few other things but i suggest you update to 10.6.5 and use the legacy kernel 10.5.0 installer package by nawcom that will do that for you.Then you can run 64 bit apps along side 32bit...but boot the kernel and kexts in 32bit for now (boot arguments arch=i386 -force64).Hope this helps a bit.Thought id point you in the right direction right away.

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Man, thanks a lot. I was just installing the Hazard distro for AMD because my original Snow Leopard DVD got all f***** up, and to my dislike it wouldn't run. Now thanks to your tips it installed very smooth and I was capable of updating to 10.6.8 painless and with ease (really, just installed the combo update and the 10.8.0 legacy kernel pack and it worked and booted), something that was not true with the retail installation (seriously, it took me nearly 2 months to get 10.6.8 running smoothly on a retail installation)


Again, thank you very much, my installation now is perfect, no bugs at all, actually it is running way better than it was with Windows 8...

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