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Working sound on g31m esl2 rev2


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So, I decided to put together a hackintosh about a month or so ago. I read that the g31m esl2 was the board to get, and so that's what I used.


Here's my current setup:

MB: g31m esl2 rev2

CPU: e6300

Ram: ddr2 8500

GFX: nv 8600gt


I used this guide. It was a pretty good guide., except that myhack 1.0 didn't work for me. I had to use myhack 1.1 via thumb drive install. I had a vanilla install and updated to 10.6.4 easy-peasy.


Now here's the issue. This guide was written by someone with a rev 1 board. All the tweaks for the dsdt haven't worked for me. I've been without sound. That and I'm pretty sure sleep doesn't work, but I don't really care about that. Sound is the main issue.


From what I could tell the g31m esl2 was the flagship of Hackintosh: cheap, and forward compatible for the foreseeable future, it represented everything that a hackintosh was supposed to be. Now the new revision is out and there are no more rev 1.0's anymore. Are we going to let this stand? Will an entire generation of hackintosh'ers be forced to buy usb soundcard dongles off ebay for 99c?

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