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Xserve Value ?

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Hi all i have an xserve that i want to sell just not sure of its value, I'm thinking $1,000AU to $1,500AU its in perfect condition is this around the the money its worth?.


1x Apple Xserve

1x Mini DVI adapter.

1x Apple Slim silver keyboard and mighty mouse.





CPU 2x 2Ghz Xeon 5130 64Bit 4Mb L2/L3 Cache



16GB 4x 4GB HYNIX ECC DDR2 667 PC2-5300F FB-DIMM




320Gb Sata Hdd + 80Gb Apple ADM



Apple Xserve Xeon 2.0 "Quad Core" A1196 (EMC 2107)




Introduction Date: August 7, 2006 Discontinued Date: January 8, 2008 Details: The "Introduction Date" refers to the date a model was introduced via press release. The "Discontinued Date" refers to the date a model either was replaced by a subsequent system or production otherwise ended.


Also see: All Macs introduced in 2006. Processors: 2 (4 Cores) Geekbench: 3914* Details: *This number is an average of Geekbench 2 results as submitted to the Geekbench website for the stock configuration. Individual user-submitted benchmarks can vary widely, but an average nevertheless can be useful to get a general idea of the relative performance of different Macs. You also might be interested in combing through all Geekbench user-submissions for Macs with the Xserve1,1 Model Identifier, which may include multiple models.


To dynamically compare Geekbench results from different Macs side-by-side, please see EveryMac.com's Ultimate Mac Comparison. Processor Speed: 2.0 GHz Processor Type: D. Core Xeon 5130 x2 Details: Each of two Xeon 5130 "Woodcrest" Dual-Core processors have two independent processor "cores" with 4 MB of shared level 2 cache per processor. It also features 64-bit data paths and registers. Custom Speeds: 2.66 GHz, 3.0 GHz* Architecture: 64-Bit Details: *Also offered, via custom configuration, were two 2.66 GHz Dual Core Xeon 5150 processors and two 3.0 GHz Dual Core Xeon 5160 processors. Processor Upgrade: N/A FPU: Integrated Details: It is not clear if the processor can be upgraded on this model. System Bus Speed: 1.33 GHz Cache Bus Speed: 2.0 GHz (Built-in) Details: 1.33 GHz 64-bit dual independent frontside buses, one for each dual-core processor. 4 MB of "on chip" shared level 2 cache per processor. ROM/Firmware Type: EFI EFI Architecture: 32-Bit Details: N/A L1 Cache: N/A L2/L3 Cache: 4 MB Details: Each processor has 4 MB of shared level 2 cache. RAM Type: ECC DDR2 FB-DIMM Min. RAM Speed: 667 MHz Details: Uses "667 MHz DDR2 ECC fully-buffered DMM (FB-DIMM) memory" and has a "256-bit wide memory controller". Standard RAM: 1.0 GB Maximum RAM: 32 GB Details: 1 GB of RAM installed as two 512 MB modules. 6 slots free. RAM must be installed in pairs using 512 MB, 1 GB, 2GB, or 4 GB modules.


Also see: Actual Max RAM of All G3 & Later Macs. Motherboard RAM: None RAM Slots: 8 Details: Apple reports that the system has "four fully-buffered DIMM (FB-DIMM) channels" with eight DIMM slots. Video Card: Radeon X1300 VRAM Type: GDDR3 SDRAM Details: Apple reports that this Xserve model has "built-in ATI Radeon X1300 PCI Express graphics with 64 MB of GDDR3 SDRAM; mini-DVI to VGA adaptor." It also can be configured with a separate Radeon X1300 PCI Express graphics card with "256 MB of DDR2 memory and [a] dual-link DVI port". Standard VRAM: 64 MB Maximum VRAM: 64 MB Details: The built-in graphics cannot be upgraded. Display Support: N/A Resolution Support: N/A Details: N/A 2nd Display Support: None 2nd Max. Resolution: N/A Details: Single display supported in default configuration. Additional displays can be supported with expansion cards. Standard Hard Drive: 80 GB (7200 RPM) Int. HD Interface: SATA/SAS Details: Default hard drive is SATA. Apple reports that this Xserve supports "any combination of SATA or SAS Apple Drive Modules: up to 2.25 TB using three 750 GB 7200 RPM SATA drive modules; or up to 900 GB using three 300 GB 15,000 RPM SAS drive modules." Standard Optical: 24X "Combo Drive" Standard Disk: None Details: Default configuration supports a slot-loading "24x DVD-ROM/CD-RW" drive. An "8x double-layer SuperDrive (DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)" also is available. Standard Modem: None Standard Ethernet: Gigabit (x2) Details: The system has "two independent 10/100/1000BASE-T [Gigabit] Ethernet (RJ-45) interfaces with support for jumbo frames." Standard AirPort: N/A Standard Bluetooth: N/A Details: N/A USB Ports: 2 (2.0) Firewire Ports: 1 (400), 2 (800) Details: Two USB 2.0 ports and two Firewire "800" ports on rear panel, one Firewire "400" port on front panel.


Also see: Complete Ports. Expansion Slots: 2 x8 PCIe Expansion Bays: 3 3.5" Details: In the default configuration, Apple reports that "two open eight-lane PCI Express slots provide independent throughput of up to 2GB/s each. One slot can be configured as a PCI-X slot to work with PCI-X expansion cards." Specifically, the system is equipped with "one half-length (6.6-inch), eight-lane PCI Express slot and one 9-inch configurable slot (eight-lane PCI Express or 133MHz PCI-X)".


In the default configuration, one external 3.5" bay is occupied by a hard drive and two bays are free. Incl. Keyboard: None Incl. Input: None Details: N/A Case Type: Rack-Mountable Form Factor: Xserve Intel Details: Fits "several types of racks, including open four-post rack and cabinets from 24- to 36-inches deep." Apple Order No: MA409LL/A Apple Subfamily: Late 2006 Details: The Apple order number should be unique to this system. Apple Model No: A1196 (EMC 2107) Model ID: Xserve1,1 Details: Please note that these identifiers often refer to more than one model.


Also see: All Macs with the A1196 Model Number, the 2107 EMC Number, and the Xserve1,1 Model Identifier.


For more about these identifiers and how to locate them on each Mac, please refer to EveryMac.com's Mac Identification section. Battery Type: N/A Battery Life: N/A Details: N/A Pre-Installed MacOS: X Server 10.4.8 (8N1215) Maximum MacOS: Current X Server* Details: An unlimited client version of MacOS X Server 10.4 "Tiger" was pre-installed.


*Please note that this system can run the current version of MacOS X Server 10.6 "Snow Leopard". However, although it has a 64-bit processor, it has a 32-bit EFI and cannot boot in 64-bit mode. It also does not support "OpenCL".


Also see: Which Intel Macs have 64-bit processors? Which have a 64-bit EFI? Which are capable of booting MacOS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard" in 64-bit mode? Minimum Windows: None* Maximum Windows: None* Details: *Apple's Boot Camp provides no support for running Windows on the Intel-based Xserve models. MacOS 9 Support: None Windows Support: N/A Details: N/A Dimensions: 1.73 x 17.6 x 30.0 Avg. Weight: 31.7 lbs. (14.4 kg) Details: In inches - height by width by depth, (4.4 cm, 44.7 cm, 76.2 cm). 31.7 pounds (17.4 kg) for "base" configuration. Apple reports that it weighs "38.3 pounds (17.4 kg) with three 300 GB SAS Apple Drive Modules and two power supplies.


Photo Credit: Apple Computer.



Thanks for your help.


MacDaddy Out.

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