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8600gt gigabyte 512mo seen as 256mo only


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Hi everybofy!

I have a running Snow Leo 10.6.3 on Asus P5Q with a gigabyte Geforce 8600GT 512mo fanless..everything seems to work ok but a few things..


In hardware info the Graphics card is recognized but only as a 256mo ... Does it mean it is not well installed? Will it interfere with performance? Does it mean it only works with half of its memory?

And how can I get it to see the 512mo?? (note that everything else is working (full res+ dual display)


How can I optimize my set up? Are there tools to see if I have full support of QE/Ci etc....,

How can I see if everything else (apart from graphics is working at full performance (ide/sate, cpu etc...?


My install is based on a iatkos s3 v2 + dsdt and pc efi graphic enabler yes... Can I get the 512mo working without efi string??

Thanks a lot for your help guys

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