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Virtual Machine Kernel Stack Fault!

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I have downloaded a OSX86 10.4.6 image, and will run it in, VMWare. I get the Darwin menu, and I have tried just to press enter, the -x, -v, -s, but nothing work. I get a crash (in Vmware), and get a Virtual Machine Kernel Stack Fault. HELP ME! My specs:


HP Pavilion dv8220ea (dv8000t)

intel core duo T2300


Geforce Go 7400


Look at the image.


Thank you :angel:


Best Regards



Sorry here is the image. Saved is a BMP, now it's JPEG!


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Here is the solution to the vmware kernel stack problems with OS X 10.4.6 / 10.4.5:


Do not use the Myzar or JAS versions. Use this file:




Choose 1 processor when booting. No config file modifications necessary.


I hope this helps!

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