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OS X 10.4.6 won't boot in VMWare 5.5

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I have downloaded a image of OSX86 10.4.6, but it will not boot in VMWare, it give me a hardware reset, look on the picture! I mean I have the JaS version. I have a Core Duo T2300, 1 GB RAM, Geforce Go 7400. Please help, I'm just 14 years old, and come from Denmark!


Best Regards


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Guest bikedude880

Well Jakob, the first thing I have to ask you is if you did an md5 check on the OS X image to verify that it was not corrupted during the download. I too am running VMWare 5.5 but have not had any problems with it.


What exactly does this errror message (hardware reset) say? The only thing I can think of is to go into the preferences for the virtual machine and set the optical drive to only be used for this virtual machine.


Best of luck.

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