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Best graphic card for video editing


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Hey Guys,


I have a pretty powerful main hackintosh, specs below.


Main Hack: Asus P6T Se | i7 920 @ 2.88 GHZ | 12GB CROSSAIR DDR3 1333 | Retail OSX 10.6.2 | 8800GTs 512+ Dual monitors


The only thing is, that I'm doing pretty havy duty video editing with RED footage.


I think the system is okay, but the graphic card is like 3 years old. It's a Nvidia 8800 GTs with 512mb gram.


I searched a lot but since I have a lot of files on the hackintosh and some really important ones I dont know which graphic card to choose wich is :


  1. Powerful (Enough for video and cg work)
  2. Very easy to install with OSX
  3. Easy handling and dual monitor support.

Is there some graphic card out there which could do this things? Which one would fit in quite nicely?





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The graphics card is really irrelevent if the software you are using doesn't support OpenCL or Cuda as then the video card wouldn't be doing anything. So first look into the software you are using.


I use to use a 9800GTX and it worked fine with dual monitors. For CUDA you could look at Nvidia GTX 200 series. The 400 series is a bit problematic right now.

For OpenCL the ATI 5000 series ia a good choice.

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