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Need help with a quad boot

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Ok i search and i really couldnt find anything that could help with my problem. I want to quad boot four different operating systems.


I have three hardrives ready for this


On the first = Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (500gb)

On the second = Mac OS X 10.6.4 (250gb)

On the third = Dual Booting Ubuntu and Windows XP (320gb)


I cant stress this enough. I want them all to come up in Chameleon (The one that actually looks good and looks like bootcamp) I dont want Grub or EasyBCD because they are ugly =D


My motherboard is Gigabyte Ga-G31m-ES2l


I already have Windows and Mac OS X installed on their two hardrives but i need to add the other 2 OS on the last hardrive. What do i need to do to get this to work and have XP and Ubuntu show up in Chameleon?

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