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Iphone SDK on Leopard?

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Is it somehow possible to run the latest IPhone SDK (IOS 4.1) on leopard? i'm running on 1.5.8 (iDeneb 1.3 with iDeneb combo update) and when i try to install the SDK it tells me that i need at least 1.6.2



Thanks for the help!

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the iPhone SDK 4 requires at least 10.6.3


i have a problem

i have installed mac osx 10.6.3 iAtkos s3 v2 on my Dell studio 1537 and all drivers works except the USB

i have installed the iphone sdk 4.1 and i have installed it and it works fine, but after i restart my laptop and try to enter the mac again it gives me an error msg "Please, hold down the power button and try to restart your machine ..."

i tried to only install mac and other programs and it works fine only when i install the ios sdk 4.1 it fails !!!

any solutions ???


Thanks a lot,

Saad !

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You cannot run XCODE 4 on Leopard. It explicitly requires snowleopard. Installing it shouldn't be too hard. Search the forums




And to Wa7ed Men el NaSS,

There are a few issues with XCODE 4, not xcode 3.2.x with iOS4, because i believe it changes a driver or two somewhere.


You appear to be having a kernel panic. Boot your hackintosh into verbose mode (-v from the text line) and tell/post an image of the text that shows on the panic.

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yup Scottapotamas but i also need to upgrade mac os.. because xcode 4 support 10.6.3 above... so i am currently running 10.6.1. and i will upgrade it but every thing takes some time

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