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UUID error, adding Kext files to Install DVD


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I tried installing Mac OS X once more which went fine but on my first and all other attemps I seem to get a UUID error and get into an infinite crashreport loop. So I googled my ass of and found the solution is to install extra kext's for my network card, already got those, now the real problem . The real problem is I can't get into OS X to install extra kext's and I don't know how to add kext's to my install DVD (in windows it doesnt show the full content).


Can anyone help me with this one? Thanks in advance

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Dear dannyvdz ,


first of all you have not mentioned


1. type of install distro or retail install


2. what is your hardware configuration intel or amd


3 . what is your graphics card nvidia or ati


4. type of partitioning done [/i]mbr or guid ?


provide some more information on exactly what method you did installing on your pc

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