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[Guide]How to dual boot windows 7 and Mac os x snow leopard 10.6.3 on HP mini 210


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Dual boot windows 7 and Mac os x snow leopard 10.6.3 on HP mini 210


Watch this before you proceed




1. Windows 7-(where you find this is up to you.)


2.iAtkos s3 Mac OS X Leopard 10.6.3 (10D573):



3.EasyBCD 2.0.2:-(google it)


4.Wired Network(RTL8102e.pkg):




2g of RAM



-First,install windows 7 and make a two partition,1 for windows 7 and partition 2 for Mac os x.(theres a plenty of guides on how to install win 7 just do a google search).

Use 1 of them.(if you have windows 7 already skip this step.)

-Now boot iatkos s3 DVD

In the Welcome screen, Click on Utilities and Disk Utility. make sure you pick the right partition you created earlier and click on Erase. In the Volume Format, choose Mac OS Extended ( Journaled ) and give it a name ( e.g. Mac OSX ) and erase and confirm to erase. When done Quit disk utility

-Select the following items from "Customize" after running disk utility and selecting your disk to install OSX to.


+ (Expand section)

* (Select item)


*iatkos s3 Main System (Installed By Default)


*AsereBLN v1.1.9 (Installed By Default)

+Bootloader Options

*Grapics Enabler

*32-bit boot


*/Extra directory





+Modified Kernels

*Atom kernel

*EVO Reboot

*Sleep Enabler







*Voodoo HDA driver (Installed By Default)

*Apple HDA 10.6.2


*Vodoo PS/2

+Laptop Hardware


*Card Reader

*ACPI Thermal



(Skip Wired and Wireless for now driver is not available in this package.)


Install time is about 20 minutes up.First system boot will take a little longer than usual. It may take about 5 min according to your hardware configuration. After the installation is done install the RTL8102e.pkg driver you download earlier then restart.

Now remove the iAtkos s3 DVD from the drive.

At this point you will need the Windows 7 DVD.

Insert the Windows 7 DVD in the drive and boot from it.

Chose the language settings and then click Next.

Chose Repair at the bottom.

It should print you with a windows telling that it found some boot error.

And it asks you to Reboot the PC to fix it.

Press Reboot.


Now you should be able to boot into Windows 7.


Now you need EasyBCD 2.0.2


install easyBCD

Open EasyBCD, and go to 'Add/Remove Entries'. Make a new Entry: Mac "choose "MBR".

When done, restart your computer and you will see two option windwos 7 and mac os x chose the OS you want to Boot.

Good luck.

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