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8600GT Dual Monitor Screw Up


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After saving some money for a few months to get another monitor, I finally get one and when I go to change my EFI string for my XFX 8600GT, I only get output on the VGA side and no QE/CI.


Here is some history: I have had a perfectly working system until last week when I tried to setup the dual monitor.  My card is a XFX 8600GT with VGA/DVI (VGA closest to MB).  I'm using Chameleon.  I'm not using NV*.kext.  I haven't used them ever.  I've always had my card working with EFI strings only.


  • I backed up my com.apple.boot.plist from Extras and Library/Preferences/System Configuration
  • I tried to create a custom EFI string with EFI Studio and I specified the VGA/DVI part for the EFI string
  • When I booted only the VGA screen comes up and I had no QE/CI
  • I tried restoring my com.apple.boot.plist files and I can change the resolutions to whatever I want, but no QE/CI.  I can't watch DVD's, etc.
  • I've tried removing the EFI string and reinstalling it with EFI Studio, but nothing has changed
  • I even checked Time Machine, but for some reason I can only see my com.apple.boot.plist up to when I changed the string, however I am a complete newb with Time Machine.

I don't know what to do.  If I have to give up on my dream of dual monitor so be it, but I can't figure out why, after restoring the files, that my system doesn't support QE/CI now.  


What I would like to have is dual monitor with the DVI being the primary and the VGA being the secondary monitor.


What do you guys suggest?

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