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Huge problems on emptying the trash


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I was downloading a file using soulseek on my Windows on Intel iMac to my Macintosh partition using MacDrive.


Suddenly a Windows error brought my system down. Tada!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blue screen with sudden restart. :(

And now Windows cannot even access the folder.

After that, I could not delete the incomplete file using Windows or OS X.

And when I get folder info on Windows it says it occupies over 1 Tb!!!!!!! My HD is only 160 Gb. 100 Gb for OSX, the rest for Windows.


On my OSX it points 44 kb. But when I moved the folder to the trashcan and tried to wipe it clean, it keeps saying and endless "Emptying Trash Can" that never ends.

It goes like that until an alert telling me to close one of the current application because there's no memory available for the current operation.

It also shows me a low HD space warning.

And it seems to me that my files are using more space than it should... I used to have more free space before that.


My lovely mac experience struggles thru its darkest days.


Can anyone help?





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No.. it does not... Further investigation on Disk Utility said my Primary disk needs repair. I should boot from install disc and try to repair, right?

But when I tried that, the Disk Utility said it can't repair for:


invalid siblink link error.

volume check failed.

task reported failure on exit.


I search the web for option on repairing this kind of error. Disk Warrior and Tech Tool Pro seemed like the only alternatives. But as Disk Warrior does not have a UB version and Tech Tool was reported on screwing some partitions, I don't know what to do.


And now... just look what the Terminal window offered me:



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As the .Trash is in your home-folder, backup it except the .Trash.

Create a new user.

Activate root by typing "sudo passwd root".

Log in as root and delete the old user.

There might be a point where you are asked if the home folder should be removed as well. Answer yes.

Copy the backupped home into the new users home.

Login as the new user.


Maybe this helps.

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I forgot something.


You have to change the permissions of the new Users home folder.


root: "chown -R 'new users short name':'new users short name' /Users/'New users short name'


(chown -R userid:groupid path or chown -R username:groupname path)

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