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Need Help With Some Drivers


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Hi all, I'm new to OS X.

I've tried to install iDeneb 1.6 10.5.8 by burning ISO to DVD, but unfortunely, DVD boot won't detect my Harddisk (still waiting for root device or kernel panic).

After that, I tried to installing it via Oracle VirtualBox by mounting my Physical Harddisk to VirtualBox and its works, I'm able to see the Installation screen and Install without any problem.

Now I'm looking for suitable driver for ALC662 and PS/2 Keyboard.


Here is my PC Spec:

Proc: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ dual core proccessor

Mobo: BIOSTAR NF16S-M2B (GeForce 6100 nForce 405)

VGA: GeForce 6100 (Onboard)

RAM: 2x 1gb 800MHz Kingston

HDD: 160GB (SATA II) - Partition 1: Win 7 NTFS, Partition 2: NTFS, Partition 3 NTFS, Partition 4: OSX Partition

DVD: Samsung (IDE)

Audio: ALC662 (Onboard)

Ethernet: D-Link DFE-528TX PCI Adapter

Keyboard: Logitech Generic Keyboard P/S2

Mouse: Logitech Generic USB Mouse


What currently works on Physical Machine:

- Shutdown, Reboot, Sleep.

- Networking.


- Sound (need some fix)


I'm able to boot the OS X from Physical Machine and installing some drivers :

VGA: NVDarwin 256Mb, seem works fine without get invisible dragged active window or invisible windows when scroll, but get slow mouse sensitivity (it can be changed on system preferences).

Audio: AppleHDA with ALCInject and ALC662 Patcher (Sound works fine, but I'm unable to adjust volume slider)


I have problem with this:

PS/2 Controller:

- ApplePS2Controller, only work once on first boot, after I'm reboot its make very long boot time and ps/2 keyboard become not work again

- VoodooPS2Controller, never get work and make very long boot time.


please anybody help me, I won't buy USB Keyboard, PS/2/USB Converter or buy a new Soundcard.

I'm just need get my PS/2 Keyboard work with my USB Mouse and able to adjust volume.


btw everything works when I'm boot it via VirtualBox except VGA, I know VirtualBox does not have better VGA Virtualization.


Thanks before.

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