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Cydia acquires Rock Your Phone


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f810367567a2181cec84e6ca00fa7432.pngThe two largest jailbreak app stores have officially announced they are to merge, with Cydia confirming that they have acquired Rock Your Phone and are currently working on porting all Rock apps to its own Cydia app store.


The move appears to have come as a result of the Rock founder's decision to move back into app development instead of competing with Jay Freeman's continued development of the jailbroken app store platform.


Rock reports some interesting stats on its website, including a reported $3.3M in revenue during its 18 months of independent trading, and a team of nine staff.


Freeman of Cydia states within his FAQ around the acquisition of Rock that improvements are coming to Cydia in order to match Rock's featureset, such as ratings and backups. Users familiar with Rock will miss its speed, but Freeman states that this speed was as a result of "a few incorrect/dangerous shortcuts" and indicates that an inevitable update would have reduced Rock's speed to that of Cydia.


Either way, this sounds like it may be good news for the jailbreak community and the future of Cydia.

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A team of 9 making a 3.3 million in the course of 8 months...

Time to play a little math...

3.3 million broken down into the 18 months it has been in the existence is

$183,333.3 each month


Now for those 9 superb team members

each person would get a rather sizable income of $366,666.7 over the course of 18 months


Of course it wasn't probably an exact $3.3M but if it were a number close to that with just 9 people behind all of that I think we can figure out without the need for differential calculus that, this is quite a large sum of money for their contributions.


My question now is that do they pay taxes out of this type of income? (~_^)

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