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Converting a 128x128 (or 256x256) icon to 512x512 icns WITHOUT QUALITY LOSS!?


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Hi all,

I was wondering how to do this & what tools do i need to use (perhaps Photoshop!?), interested into converting only few icons for now, the ones form iTunes 6 (256x256, Tiger), the second one is IE5 beta (128x128, from OS X Public Beta).

One friend has been doing Photoshop a while & told me that it would result in lower quality icon... perhaps theres other way around!?


Heres the icons:



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perhaps theres other way around!?
No there isn't.


Pixels are like points or tiles, if you will. Then you enlarging an image, the amount of pixels in fact stays the same (all though additional pixels are created, but these are just approximate copy of nearby pixels), so there comes the lose of quality. Therefore it is easy to reduce image size, but not to increase.


The only way to have them in any size bigger, is to re-create them in a vector form (in Illustrator or Corel Draw).

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