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Updated to 10.6.4 and now boot problems


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I recently got my Dell XPS 410 up and running perfectly with Snow Leopard.


I went and installed all the updates from Apple Software Update and updated to 10.6.4.


When I rebooted, I got to Chameleon Boot loader and booted my Snow Leopard disk. The apple logo showed up and it started to boot to a blue screen. It just hung on the blue screen and didn't move. I let it sit for close to an hour.


I then restarted and booted to a different HD with Leopard on it. I figured maybe the update messed around with the modified files for the Hackintosh. I copied all kexts back over to the Extensions folder and pasted the modifed .com.apple.Boot.plist and dsdt.aml. I re-pasted all the UUID and graphics keys/strings in com.apple.Boot.plist and in the PlatformUUID.kext.


Now upon restart I get a kernal panic unless I type -f before booting to Snow Leopard. When I type -v instead of -f I get the wonderful error of, "Waiting for root device".


Anyone have any clue on what I should do to correct this problem?


It's not a huge deal to type -f every time but I figured since it worked perfectly before without typing anything it still has that potential.


Thanks in advance for your time.

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