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need help for front sound jack on Acer Aspire 7720G-812G25MI


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Hi everybody,


In first, excuse me for my poor english, i'm a french user, and, i'll try to explain at best my little problem :D


i'm very curious, and i see it's possible to install osx on classic pc. so i trying that on one of my computers. i trying on my laptop an Acer Aspire 7720g-812g25mi


Technical caracteristics are:


intel core 2 duo T8100

nvvidia geforce 8400 gs

2 Gb ram

ethernet broadcom netlink bcm5887m

wifi intel 3945 abg

soundcard alc 268 or maybe intel 82801g (windows driver show me as an alc268 and dpcimanager show me as an intel 82801g)


so i used this distribution of osx86


SnowOSX Universal 10.6.2 v3.6a Intel + AMD


La nouvelle version, construite sur la base du détail Snow Leopard 10.6 + Mise à jour 10.6.2 + 4,04 Safari!

Patché pour AMD

Convient pour un GUID, et le MBR!

+ Immédiatement intégrés de localisation de Russie

- (Moins) d'autres langues, les pilotes d'imprimante et de voix joyeuses (AdditionalSpeechVoices)!


Langue: anglais + mise à jour 10.6.2 RussianRetail 10,6 (10c540) (patché pour AMD)

Plate-forme: Intel ou AMD


Configuration matérielle minimale:

1 Go de mémoire

8 Go de libre sur le disque spaceLoaders

- PC EFI 9.4 - boot-9-4 par Netkas


- PC EFI 10,5 - Chameleon 2 RC3 (R658) PC EFI 10.5 en Netkas


- NullCPUPM - IntelCPUPowerManagement

- PlatformUUID - Erreur 35 fixe

- FakeSMC

- IOATA Kernel Panic fix - IOATAFamily.kext 32/64 de Leo 10.5.8 (compilé par tranche)

- EvOreboot - Redémarrez et fixer l'arrêt

- Gestion de l'alimentation EvOSpeedStep - pour Core i7

- EvOenabler - injecteur vidéo ATI

- SMBIOSResolver - uniquement pour PC EFI 9.4!

- Legacy AHCI - 32/64 kext Legacy?? Intel AHCI (SATA)

- Legacy ATA - 32/64 kext Legacy?? ATA processeur Intel (IDE)

- Legacy JMicron ATA - 32/64 kext Legacy?? ATA JMicron (IDE)

- PS / 2 - kext pour PS / 2

- Rosetta

- ATools - outils


installing on this laptop is ok with command line "cpus=1 busratio=20 -v -x at the start of install with dvd


osX run with no problems.


i install kext for video card and ethernet card that's ok

for wifi card (intel 3945G) i see that card is not fully supported, so, i use an hercules dongle hwnum-300 based on rtl 8191s chipset it's ok


BUT i search working kext for sound card or any informations for enable sound.


i try some many different kext, but i haven't any sound. i install a package named voodoo HDA, and now in my sound panel in output,i can see this Speaker (CD) (Test), SPDIF-out (black front) and in input Microphone (CD)

i can move cursor but i have no sound in laptop speaker or in headphone.


Somebody can rescue me ?


Thanks for your futur helping.

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So after re-installing osx86, i solved one part of my problem of "no sound" in this distribution, there is a folder with some kext, karuga for snow and voodoo hda. in folder karuga, i found one kext titled HDAenabler.kext. i installing this and directly after voodooHDA.kext. Irepair permissions. and i Have sound. that's great ;) .


But, there is again a little problem. my front jacks not working. i've got green jack, for headphone, pink jack for mic, and black jack for SPDIF out. How can i make them usefull ???


Somebody have an idea ???


Thanks for helping

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