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I am moving overseas and as a consequence have to sell my iMac for something more mobile. I configured a MacBook Pro at the Apple Website and was surprised on how expensive it came out to be especially considering some of the components seemed dated compared to PC notebooks.


PC notebooks seem to be the way to go hardware wise but I use Final Cut Studio and Shake 4 so unless I can figure a way to make both programs work on a PC - I have no choice but to pay top dollar for a MacBook Pro.


So my question is this: Can someone install a Mac OS on a PC Notebook as well as Final Cut Studio and Shake 4 - without having their system become unstable?


A friend of mine said it could be done but seeing how much I work on my programs it may be better just to pay the extra for the Macbook Pro... maybe he is right but I thought to come here and seek the advice of people in this forum...



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Though I'm not an expert...


Anyway it depends on the hardware you chose and methods of installation. As for me, mine Hackintosh works as stable as a Windows machine, but is better in performance under OS X then under Windows.


I can't comment on Final Cut Studio and Shake 4, I don't use these apps. May only comment on Photoshop CS4 and Illustrato CS4. Both are slightly faster on OS X.


Mine system isn't very "fresh", early 2004, to be precise. It's pre-core Xeons (Nocona) + ICH5 + GF 8800 Ultra. I have Leopard 10.5.8 installed on it. The install is "retail-like" (AnV kernel + /Extra on EFI partition).


In general, if you (or someone who is willing to help you) are comfortable about some hacking, go for PC. If not... well you got the idea ;)

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