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iATKOS v7 install isn't installing! It seems...


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I began to install iATKOS v7 on my Dell Inspiron 1545 15 minutes ago. I hit the install button, and it is stuck at that screen! It hasn't moved to an Installing... screen or something like that. I hope that is supposed to happen... this is my first Hackintosh install. The CD is not rumbling or making any sounds, I can move the mouse, it is not frozen, but it just keeps spinning at the Install Summary Screen! Is is just checking the disk? I have not gotten any warnings about that... Windows 7 took 2 seconds to process when I hit the install button.


Is it safe to just turn the computer off if this isn't supposed to happen? Will my HD corrupt if so? Or should I wait until something happens? Help!!!

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then you press install it should says it is checking the disk but you can skip that and then it starts to install. it should starts installing the mac os x with no delay. have you customized your install?


Yes I did, I set it correctly for my system according to deviato's blog or whatever his name it. I hit install, was it checking the disk? I got NO popup telling me so, it was just frozen. Can I skip that if so? Thanks for reply, sorry for my late reply. Late for both of us, but hey I can install again.

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