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Sapphire 5870 Vapor-X , Asus Maximus III


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Hi everyone,


I’ve finally decided to try install Mac OS on my PC. I’ve been studying recently what I need to do to makes this happen. So I decided ask You guys for any help. So, basically I do know that it has been a huge problem with kexts to graphic card 5870. Unfortunately I do have one of them and that’s the reason why I’m here. My PC hardware is:


Asus Maximus III Formula


Intel Core i5 750 2.66GHz


Sapphire Radeon HD5870 Vapor-X HDMI DisplayPort Dual-DVI 1GB


Corsair CMG4GX3M2A2000C8, 4GB (2x XMS3 2GB), PC-16000, 2000MHz, DDR3, 8-8-8-24, Dominator GT




I do have to versions of Mac OS:


iAtkos s3 Snow Leopard 10.6.3 intel


Mac OS X 10.6.3 retail




I did also found this web-page where you can find drivers and aty_init for 5870. The link to web-page is: http://netkas.org/?p=465


So the questions are:


How can I add this drivers and aty_init to one of MAC OS versions that I have? Basically I need to do this in Windows 7 as I’m using this system on my PC.


Which version of operation system is better iAtkos or retail?


I found also some information about EFI and DSDT. Can anyone explain how this 2 terms would relate to my Hackintosh?




I will be appreciate for any help.



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