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need some help with usb


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Hi folks,


after many desperate nights installing and formatting, and installing again, and looking for kexts and getting kernel panics I finaly managed to get a functinal Hackintosh. YAY! Two big problems appeared:


-USB from back of MoBo just won't work. Why? No Idea.

-Front ones just don't accept HotPlug. I tried the HotPlug fix (those that manually load the IOUSBMassStorage, tried several of them)



Everything runned great on iAtkos1.0r (10.5.1). Except for the RemoveThermalControl (or something like it), OTB.

Then I updated to 10.5.8 using iDeneb. Installed the Voodoo kernel+DSDT patch+seatbelt fix.


I would really appreciate the help!

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Your system.kext doesn't match your kernel version.


Since you're on 10.5.8, instead of using 'seatbelt fix' and installing an older system.kext, just replace your current Voodoo kernel with the 9.8.0 voodoo kernel and you're done. Don't forget to put the 10.5.8 seatbelt.kext back in as well before you reboot (you made a backup, right?)



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