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Iatkos S3 V2


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Hi everyone. I am brand new to Mac OS X, so please bear with me. I've installed 10.6.3 on a Gateway model TA6 CX2724 laptop. It originally came with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, but was Vista compatable, and I had installed Vista on it last year. The harddrive crashed a few months ago, beyond repair. So I removed the internal harddrive, and I've been using an external 320 gig Seagate FreeAgent Go Drive with Linux Mint 8 Helena installed on it to run the laptop. 3 days ago I got my hands on iAtkos S3 V2. It took several tries at customizing the installation before I could get it to work, but finally, success! Only I have a couple of problems. The first is, if I check for updates and install them the system starts, the Apple logo comes up and the timer spins, but then either the external drive shuts off, or a screen pops up and tells me to restart. It will not boot at all after I update the OS. Also, the Gateway laptop comes with an Intel Pro/Wireless 3945 ABG (Golan) network card. There is not even an option for an Intel wireless card in the list. This doesn't make a bit of sense to me, considering the fact that the operating system is designed for Intel only. Also, when I boot up, there's a little message that appears to the left of the little chameleon that first says: efi_inject_get_devprop_string NULL trying string data. Then another one pops up and says: hibernate image is 422 seconds behind use forcekey=y to override. Sometimes it's 342 seconds, sometimes 1,426. Can anyone help out a greenhorn here? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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