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Asus P6T SE

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I´m getting noise probably coming from the FW which as I understand is built on a Via chipset, I have sound though. I have the Saffire Pro 10 i/o which works really good on my old GA EP45 -DS3 rig so there´s nothing wrong with my soundcard. Any solution/kext for this or do I have to get a TI Pci FW card? The comp works just supergood besides this noise probs I get.




Some ppl got a solution buying that famous texas firewire pci card but I am talking about Motu cards with firewire connection. It might help if you planning to buy one.

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As I said I have a Saffire Pro soundcard (FW) which works ok but the onboard FW card does not on my mobo which it wount even with that Motu card. So it´s not a soundcard issue but a FW issue I´m afraid.


I don't know if I explained my self unclear but I meant to say you could try a texas brand firewire pci card.


is it texas the one you got?



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