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Kalway 10.5.2 on Sony vaio VGN-NR430E with IntelGMA X3100 Video Card


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Hi. This is my first post and i just want to share how i was able to install Kalway 10.5.2 on my Sony Vaio VGN-NR430E Laptop...dual boot with Win7 and working INtel GMA X3100 video card.


Whats working:

1280x800 resolution on IntelGMA X3100 (Quartz not supported)


Marvel Yukon 88E8039 Internal LAN (updated kext with AppleYukon.kext)


USB (Installed USBfix.kext)


Not working:

Card Reader (SD & Memory Stick)

WIFI - 4965



Here are the steps i did to install dual boot:


1. partition my hard drive using a partition software (e.g. Acronis Disk Director)


2. Make sure you format the partition you are going to use as FAT32 and as Primary Drive (Don't format it as logical Drive as you will have problems when booting up and get the HFS+ partition error)


3. install kalway 10.5.2

- i did not install any video driver or LAN driver since the drivers included are not compatible with my hardware.


4. After installation, restart the computer....this is where it gets tricky...when it boots up, you will see the apple logo with the wheel then a blue screen and it turns into white with a blackish grayish bar on the right side of the screen....do not worry, it only means your video card is set with the wrong resolution.


5. Restart your computer and during boot press a key and type -s then enter...


6. at root type Mount -uw / then

mkdir /backup/ then enter


now input the following line by line:

cd /system/library/extensions/

cp -R AppleIntelGMAX3100.kext /backup/

cp -R AppleIntelGMAX3100Fb.kext /backup/

cp -R AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext /backup/

rm -Rf AppleIntelGMAX3100.kext

rm -Rf AppleIntelGMAX3100Fb.kext

rm -Rf AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext


exit (this will reboot your laptop)


Now you can continue installation and you have a resolution of 1024x768. Finish Installation.


*Download "Sleep_at_Login.zip" and install this to enable sleep in your computer.. (make a search in this forum)


7. To update your video Card (Intel GMAX3100)

Find and download "Intel® GMA X3100 Combo Drivers" from the forum and install that. then restart your computer.


8. When you restart, you will get the white screen again..thats ok.... Now you need to enable the Voice Over so you can "see" what you are doing even though there is nothing on the screen. To do that, just press ALT+F5....and then you will hear "Voice Over On"


9. Move your mouse even though you cant see it to the upper left and click. Once you hear the voice prompt saying "APPLE MENU", let go of your mouse and do this...


press down 5 times until you hear "System Preferences Ellipses" then press space bar

then press Tab, Down, Right and you will hear "Displays Button" press space bar. Then press TAb,Tab, (now you are in the resolution area of the display preaferences...press Down and listen to the prompt informing you that resolution will change.... In order to select the button you are going to press, use the TAB key then to select use the SPACE BAR. The idea is that you will just press down to select the next resolution, press TAB to select OK then enter SPACE BAR to select.... Do these three steps (DOWN, TAB, SPACE) over and over until you find the right resolution. It usually starts with 800x600 fresh rate 60, then 800x600 fresh rate 75 and so on and so on.... when you've selected 1024x768, the screen should come up and you can already select the right resolution for your monitor which is 1280x768 with a refresh rate of 60.


10. Now you need to download SWITCHRESX so you can manually change your resolution to 1280x800@60-85 refresh rate. Reboot your laptop and Viola! your resolution is now correct.


11. To enable LAN, search for the driver for your LAN..mine was Marvel Yukon so i installed the AppleYukon.kext.


12. To enable your USB ports, install the "usb_fix_1.3.mpkg.zip"


13. If you cant find the installers, please let me know so i can try to find the pages again where i downloaded the files... I just dont have it now because i am using Safari in my Kalway 10.5.2 right now. All the history files are in my Win7 Internet explorer.



I hope I was able to help you somehow. Thank you to all the efforts of everyone I got these steps from.



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