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SL Server on HP ML150 G5 with and without ESXi


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Hi all


after successfully installing SL 10.6.4 on my home Hack on Asus P5Q Deluxe (using the great HowTos here) I wanted to try another piece of Hardware.


I was successfully able to install SL 10.6.4 on a HP ML150 G5 Server. Strangely enough, 10.6.4 Server doesn't install. I run into following problems:

Either it doesn't accept the License Key of the legally purchased Box Version of SL Server, or when it does, I get an error message setting up the Networking parameters "an error has occurred ... networking services ..." (I don't remember the exact citation). Very strange... Tried several NICs (Realten 8111, 8169, no NIC), but I can't get a pattern into this...


Afterwards I tried an ESXi installation. I can only get the darwin.iso to boot, but then when it comes to booting the SL Server DVD, it aborts with the error message "error parsing plist". I didn't try SL client though.


Is there a significant difference between SL Server and Client regarding the base system? I always thought they were kindof the same, except for Server having Postifx, Cyrus, a fully blown AFP Service etc, but the hardware requirements should be (exactly) the same, as it is the same kernel etc... Very very strange. Anyone has an idea?


Gonna try setting up SL Server in VMWare Fusion and migrating the VM into ESXi... Maybe that makes the trick...


Otherwise, great Forum with nice Help as it seems!

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