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Modified Soundflowerbed - enjoy your music in all your spearkers

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Hi guys,

I have modified the Soundflowerbed to clone stereo to all available channels, so you can listen music from iTunes etc. from all your spearkers.


Here is a screenshot:



All you have to do is install Soundflower (installing Soundflowerbed is not necessary) download and execute modified version.


These days I also work on a 64-bit version of an AppleAC97Audio kext. Now it works with all Intel and nVidia soundcards, AMD and VIA are not supported yet.


Binary: binary.zip

Sources: sources.zip

Patch to the SVN sources: patch.zip


I have modified only 2 (+2 headers) files: AppController.mm (+header) & AudioThruEngine.cpp (+header). Changes in source files are well documented as an iSchemy's edit. Everything is in diff patch.


I have also written to the Soundflowerbed owner, so maybe they will commit my changes to the official release.


In case of donations, you can send it here :rolleyes:





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This works great! i actually given up to find a solution for 5.1 sound, this was my last hope ;)


Thank you!


EDIT: it seems that from time to time music stops and i can hear only a buzzing sound. i have to turn off sounflowerbed and start it againt to work. Could this be buffer size related?

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This does prove useful for those who want the 5.1 sound without having to go through the trouble of modifying their DSDT to get their sound ports to work in 5.1 channels.


Wish I had known this before I actually went about messing with my DSDT to fix my 5.1 but I got mine working after sometime but Soundflowerbed works the same as I've tested it myself.

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Hi :) this is a very nice app that helps Live! Audigy, Audigy2, Audigy 4 card users! Thanks! (I'll post it in my sticky thread)



EDIT: Edited my thread with information to thread and it's attachment. Once again thanks.

SB Live

Hi and thanks fot this thread I have installed last Kx version and recieved message from the player - your sound device is not configyred propertly, there is no stereo and I cant manage in audio midi setup to get left speker work separetly from the riht one.

Kx ct 4670 10k1 e880

Any ideas?

Should I use soundflower modified version?

I dont need 5.1

Thank you in advance.

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Works great on my system! Thanks a lot! :)



there is a certain problem :/ ... while listening to music sound sometimes buzzes or pauses for a second... tried different buffer sizes and SoundFlower 16ch but it hasn't fixed it.

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