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10.6 on a Asus EEE 1005 HA?

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Hey Guys :)


After some time I'm back and now I want to install MAC OS X 10.6.x on my Netbook


I already read some things about the methodes, but in two years many things have changed and I need your Help to install it...


Now i wanted to know what Kernel, Version, Release, Driver etc. i should use...

I`ll have to install it by an usb Sitck


Here my Netbook:



Oh and what do i need to install first? Windows 7 oder MAC OSX to not overwrite the Bootloader??


Would be great if you could help me! ;D






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ja ich spreche deutsch ^^

but we are in an english forum

so i'm trying to install retail 10.6.3 on a 1005ha-h

the best thing you can do is to install it with a retail disk (or a retail .dmg)

if you have a 10.6.0 dvd, follow this guide : http://maceee.blogspot.com/2010/02/snoweee...ow-leopard.html

otherwise, i'm trying this guide but it's made for 1001ha (with the quite same configuration) : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=224950

if u have some question, you can pm me ^^

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I would suggest not updating to 10.6.4 (maybe even anything past 10.6.0), if you wish to play games. Thanks to that update, I was getting constant KPs when I went to play games, and I spent all of last night backing up and re-installing

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